I took my first flight that I was few months old and since then travel has been always part of my life. I’m in love with flying and the take off and land are my favorite moment: strange I never been to be a pilot!

For me travel means explorer, educate myself, confrontation and of course as Italian: Food.

With be an Explorer my goals is to share with you my travel experiences but also give some suggestions/ideas for alternative trip where you can arrange it through local tourist guide who Expats and they live in the country and in same case they have even open local travel agency.

Food is a big part of our life even if you don’t cook, food is also the way to bring people together and interact. A very simple rules a learned in business: You don’t do a real business deal in an office but around a dining table.

Ravioli, Dim Sum, Dumplings and Goyza are my favorite food.