Social Media – how we approach them.

Are we using social media to get information? Give a clear yes or no it will not answer the question that Is it the scope of social media to educate their communities? To be honest since I started to use Facebook, snapchat, twitter and Instagram I have alway felt that I was not good at all to share my life on them.

So I have been always using social media to get information and find new idea and inspiration, don’t get me wrong I’m not judging who does so it is only a different way to use social media.

I guess one of the main reason to my approach can be found in my teenage years when during the summer time with a group of male friends (it is interesting to say that on my young and teenage years my environment was for majority composed by men and funny thing the situation has completely changed becoming an adult) we went to see our friend who was with a girl just meet the day before ( all of them they were older than me for few years). As soon they saw her the day after they started to

Unfortunately who ever is expositing her/his life on them has also to deal with haters, judgement and very hard comment which in some cases have been bringing people to take extreme decision such as suicide

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