As mention in beauty I received my first makeup palette when I was four or five years old, it was suppose to be my Christmas’ present from Santa Claus, but I found the package the day before so when I saw the same package the day I connected the dots. 

Did effect me? Not at all, I had what I desired, so the fact that Santa Claus did not exist became a secondary problem!. To be honest I never received a positive answer form my parent that it was done on purpose so the ministry will remain.  

In any case since then makeup has been part of my daily preparation, it’s part of who I’m. I love makeup and for me it’s an art to be able to define and valorize a face. I’m glad when I see a Makeup Artist identified her/herself as an Artist and not as MUA.

My approach to makeup has been changed during the years, I moved from an heavy eyeliner during my young age to a more sophisticate until to “I have a full makeup on me but you cannot say it“.

My main focus is to emphasize my natural beauty, I don’t want to have a mask.

Here you will find some tricks I learn, new products.