JAPAN – Five reasons to visit

For several reasons in the last few years Japan has definitely pushed tourism and I can consider the two mains:

-first and always it’s an economic reason, Japan is not anymore the Tech Country that used to be, 

-second prepare the country for the Olympic Games; who has visited already Japans know very well how different is the way to behave which I have the impression it was part of the big picture to teaching Japanese how to handle foreigners and their way to behave, who has been in Japan knows exactly what I mean!  Just to give a simple example: you order exactly what it is in the menu, you don’t ask for change anything and if you try so when be prepare to receive for answer NO and a waitress with a full red face! 

This is the beauty of Japan! You are in a country where everything you learned about manners and behave does not really apply!

My favorite city is Kyoto which is considered as ”real” Japan where traditions are strongly alive.

Here my five reasons to visit Japan, obviously there are more but if you have just a week to visit here is what you should not missed: 

Tokyo and a must stop should be the famous Akiharaba o Electric Town where you can find everything related to technologies and electronics stuffs but also shops called “Otaku” for who love comics. Now what you should is check where is a group of Chinese follow them inside the shop and look what they are doing! They will all buying the rise cooking machine and boiler! But not only they will everything with no sense! What it’s funny is that some of them are made in China and the same model you can find in China for a cheaper but said it was bought in Japan has no price for Chineses: it is a status!.

– Kyoto is such a beautiful city, rent a bike and go around you’ll get easily in love with the city. You should definitely put in agenda a visit to the Bamboo Forest. From Kyoto you can take a train and visit Nara, it’s worth it.

Gyoza it’s my favorite food I can eat them all day. The best one are in Kyoto, it is a very small place inside a building and they are so good that you have a limit number that you can eat otherwise they will no be fir other clients.

Meet a Geisha it is a bit expensive but the cost it’s worth all, this case you will need the help of a local guide to arrange the appointment, but it’s a very interesting experience.

Stay at a Ryokan, forget about hotels if you want to have the maximum from your experience in Japan, this’s where you should stay.  Ryokan are traditional Japaneses-style inns where you can experience a traditional Japanese lifestyle. A stay at a Ryokan typically includes dinner and breakfast. Keep in mind that at the breakfast will be served sushi, so if your are not on sushi or salty for breakfast like me better to find near you a place where to eat your croissant! 

To be honest there are so many other reasons why you should visit Japan, it’s such a beautiful country, wherever you turn you are amazed how present and past are perfectly integrated. 

Japan is definitely my happy place where to stay.


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