Her Story

I met her through a mutual friend who was telling me “I met a very interesting person and we have to go and visit her”. And so we did. My friend was right, thanks to her I made few very interesting experiences of my life but I also wrongly consider “her way to be” as part of her been in a wealthy family.

So we became friends and a certain point we took a short trip together: the night we met is when I heard her story.

We’re sitting around the table of our hotel room chatting and gossip around when she started to explain to me that her only way to sleep was through sleeping pills. I guess she wanted to explain it as we were sharing the same room. I clear remember that as soon I heard it I understood that something has happened and I closed my eyes and asking her ”Have you been raped?” and the answer was Yes.

Here her story:

it is very common for wealth family to send abroad their children for studying and the same applied to my friend and her brother.

Both of them were at the college when with a group of friends they decided to spend the weekend on the countryside. They made a nice barbecue and enjoying the night but a certain point she felt tired and wanted to go to sleep pushing her brother to go with her; he refused it adding ”if you wan to go, just go”.

Unfortunately his decision has been fatal and has been change the course of my friend life, because she was sleeping when she has been waked up by a some of drunk guys; when she opened her eyes they were on the top of her and raped her. First thing she did was to tell her brother that instead of support her has been kind of accusing her of what happened. She has been in silence until she was back to her family who at that point has also denied what happened because obviously accepted it means to recognized that their son did not protected her sister but also it means to go against a system which very man oriented.

You can imagine that all these have been on my friend life but what it is amazing is that despite what happened she has been able to accomplished several success in her working life even when she was fighting with all the weight of what happened. Living with the fact that your parent does not recognized it, that your brother accused you. She has been living abroad but the reality is that you cannot forget your past especially if it has been so traumatic a certain point life it makes you in front of it even if you try to push away. It is not an easy journey for her, sometimes she had to spend time at the hospital because the pain was too much to handle but she has been always fighting .


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