I was born in Milan so I guess we can easily say Fashion is in my DNA (obviously there are some exceptions but I hope not be one of them)! 

Few years ago a person who was visiting Milan for the first time told me: ”Even the dogs are stylish here!!”, it is quite true especially if you look at the Old Lady (we called them “Sciura”) in morning strolling around with their dogs.

Living in China has been change completely my prospective about the fashion industry and what luxury it is. The real luxury is tailoring. 

Inspire by my grandmother my daily and night outfit is a kind of uniform: white shirt, navy trousers were for her, in my case I’m wearing jeans and navy trousers for business occasion but not always.  

What makes the uniform unique are the accessories; the real focus is on shoes, bags and jewelry. Jeans and shirt are just my canvas. 

Chanel Ballerina bicolored beige and black (the classic one) is my must, you can wear them with everything even if you are not so tall. 

Kimono and Hanbok are the most beautiful dresses I never had, so female, elegant and timeless. 

P.S: I was wearing Birkenstock before it was a music fashion!