My statement: my body.

I don’t have a perfect body, nobody has it, only a plastic doll can have one! 

During my teenage years (I currently consider myself a a young woman evolved!) I have been enough lucky to have a body which was consider with “everything in the right place“. I definitely have a Mediterranean body, so except feeling that my boobs were a little bit too big, I never really have issues with my body.

When life has put in front several hard time then I started to gain weight, a considerable amount, but unfortunately the distribution of it did not make me feel ugly all the weight spread around my body proportionately and that was a very big problem, because I did not realize how it was impacting my health.

I was thinking that everything was related to stress and not that I was unhealthy.

I want to make immediately clear that my message is not that we have to be all thin or all fat; not at all. We should really embrace our body for what it is.

You are the only one who can say something about your body and if you feel that you need to excersive more and what ever make you feel happy to be who you are.

But I wanted all of you to keep in mind that not be health brings consequence on the long way, so it may be useful to keep always an eye on it and make and try as much as possible to keep you health. 

My goal is to make you enough confident to celebrate what ever size you are, but also be realist but not dramatic!.

I will start it telling my story.