Beauty, I can easily say, has been always part of my life.

I received my first make up palette that I was 4 or 5 years old for Christmas.

I don’t know if it was done on propose by my parents but it also coincided with my acknowledgment that Santa Claus did not exist: the fact that I had my palette make it very easy to accept it I have to say!.

Since then I put make up on anyone who was coming to play with me; no matter if they were boy or girl: no one was living my House without makeup!.

I have been trying my mum cream since young age and as soon I had money in my pocket I have been always spent in makeup and skincare.

I have been lucky enough to inherit from grandmother a good and health looking skin, my mum has an olive skin. 

In general my approach to skincare and make up is a melting pot, I don’t follow a fix scheme but I love to try anything that comes out on the market. 

I’m not a fan of  heavy make up, I believe in less is more and when I’m doing my make up I’m focus on a specific area, if I wear a red lipstick when my eyes makeup will be lighter. 

I love strong massage, cupping and acupuncture based on Chinese medicine and philosophy. 

I will share my journey with beauty and what I discover .