I took my first trip alone at age of Eighteen and this experience made who I’m today.

I remember like it was yesterday the day before my departure, I was crying and screaming to my father that it was his fault this trip; the reality I will never thanks him enough for it. 

At that time my English was not good at all and I found myself  in silent for almost a week until I decided that no one will stop me from speak. 

After this first trip alone I travel with my backpack and explorer the world.

Why be an Explorer and not only a Tourist, because travel is an opportunity to explore, push your boundaries, exit from your comfort zone, it’s about to confront with other culture.

I love hotels but I think the best way to enter in a new experiences is to rent a flat (I know, I know you’re in holiday; comfort is the key word and you don’t want to do nothing even your bed!).

I’ll share with you my experiences and provide some guideline to make your holiday, short trip as an Explorer.