🇮🇹C’e’ voluto molto tempo prima prima di arrivare alla creazione di questo blog, le ragioni sono diverse e principalmente sono state il mio lavoro e questa sensazione che non fossi in grado di condividere esperienze che almeno in una persona facesse la differenza.

Questo e’ un lato del mio carattere che ho capito non riuscirò mai a cambiare, sempre mostrarsi un gradino sotto a dove dovresti esser. 

🇺🇸It took a long way to get here, I had always this idea to create a blog but until today it never really worked out for several reasons: work and feeling that I may not have something to share that can make even a small different.

It’s a part of my character that I realized I cannot change always presenting myself on a below level respect where I should be positioned. 

But you know… life is always put you in front of challenges, so this time I took it and The Scarlet Edition is the result.

Even if I have a consistent experience in corporate marketing, I had to start fro. the beginning, studying first and then applied it; so be kind and don’t judge me too much if it’s not perfect this blog but share with me my mistake so I can improve it and also learn. 

I have always consider myself as working in progress human being.

Confrontation/share is the big part of this project and here the reason of the scarlet edition as name.

Why Scarlet? Red has been always my favorite color (it means passion, energy, love, dangerous and excitement).

If I look back I can see that several pages of my life have been written with red color. I have the impression that 

everything started with my unconditioned  love for red hair; unfortunately I tried but never had the chance to have a boyfriend with red hair!

And at this point you are asking which color is my hair….of course are red!

My love for red has became a fact with my love for Asia (China and Japan are my favorite countries). 

Why Edition? My grandmother was used to say to me ” you have to able to have a conversation about everything and with everyone”. 

So my goal is to make this blog a place where you can easly access to different kind of information, with the hope to disseminate and create a positive discussion even if the opinions are different from ours.

My four dream targets: Make you Think – Motivate – Inspire.

Last but not the least Believe in Melting Pot.

I’m Equality Seeker and strongly believe in Melting Pot.


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